Monthly archives: October, 2016



If you like baseball – but wish the rules were more confusing and clearly made up on the spot – then this episode is a home run. If you actually hope to learn anything about idiom etymology, this one’s probably a swing and a miss.


Under Your Hat

A presidential put-down, a British bowman, or a cerebral secret? Put on your thinking cap as we discuss the origins of the expression “keep it under your hat.”


Worth His Salt

A perspiring peasant, a salty serf, or a savory currency? Join us as we discuss the etymology of the phrase “worth his salt.” Or don’t, and suffer through some other bland, flavorless podcast instead.


idiOMG (Version 2.0)

Jamie introduces an updated and renovated iteration of the old Idiom Savant classic, idiOMG. We don’t want to give too much away but it’s definitely funny auto focus.


Raining Cats and Dogs

Dirt poor critters, furry yachts, or beasts of Scandinavian gods? Grab an umbrella and join us as we discuss the origin of the expression “raining cats and dogs.”