By Hook or by Crook

A scavenging serf, a burglarious bishop, or an Irish invasion? Join us as we attempt to unravel another etymology by hook or by crook.


The Devil to Pay

A treacherous task, a dubious deal, or a Norse code? Suffer with us on our journey into the underworld, as we seek the devil (to pay).


idiOMG – Out on the Porch

Ali Bavarian returns to the show and joins us for a rousing game of idiOMG.


Minced Oaths

As a post hoc Christmas celebration and in honor of our own resurrection as a podcast, we discuss a multitude of expressions and exclamations used as euphemisms for Jesus Christ.

Message in a Poddle

An exciting christmas trip, an epic new video game, or a dramatic increase in real-world responsibilities? Join us as we discuss the origins of our unannounced holiday hiatus and what to expect in the near future.


Off the Cuff

A wild west ledger, an industrial convenience, or a spontaneous magician? Musical guest Ali Bavarian provides some melodic accompaniment as we attempt to uncover the origin of the expression “off the cuff.”


Bob’s Your Uncle

An abbreviated nepotist, a criminal’s kin, or a Scottish Musical? Download this episode, Bob’s your uncle… your life is now complete.



If you like baseball – but wish the rules were more confusing and clearly made up on the spot – then this episode is a home run. If you actually hope to learn anything about idiom etymology, this one’s probably a swing and a miss.


Under Your Hat

A presidential put-down, a British bowman, or a cerebral secret? Put on your thinking cap as we discuss the origins of the expression “keep it under your hat.”


Worth His Salt

A perspiring peasant, a salty serf, or a savory currency? Join us as we discuss the etymology of the phrase “worth his salt.” Or don’t, and suffer through some other bland, flavorless podcast instead.